Here at Pysioplus Albir, our main purpose it to help you Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better. We achieve this by working in partnership with all our therapists, using an individually tailored combination of physiotherapy, training, massage and other holistic treatments for each patient, so you get the best possible treatment outcome.

I think of myself as ‘Your Body Mechanic,’ and like all good service and repair establishments, the team at Physioplus can keep your body on the road and in good working order. Extending the car analogy, sometimes a bit of preventive treatment can avoid the chance of an inconvenient breakdown, and our team can help with all that too.

People tend to think they only need physiotherapists and other physical therapists when they have a problem with soft-tissue injury, trapped nerves, joint pain or back pain, for example. However, a visit to our specialised therapists can help with injury prevention, assist with motor control, and improve flexibility. We look at the whole body, so we can help it to work at its optimum performance level.

Physioplus Albir One Stop Wellness Shop

In our last blog post, we introduced you to two of our therapists when we  talked about fascial release therapy. That’s just one of the treatment techniques available at Physioplus, and both Emma and Maria have skills they combine with Active Release Technique (ART) to treat the patient and encourage the natural healing process. There is another member of the team we didn’t meet last time – Jessica Giron of Beauty Max Albir.

Jessica Giron:


Jessica is the Aesthetics Manager at Physioplus. She’s worked in the field of beauty and weight loss for more than 15 years, specialising in the latest treatments in aesthetics, working with a combination of technology and natural ingredients and therapies to achieve the best results. Each treatment is individually tailored to your specific needs. She’s worked with Physioplus since the clinic opened. One of her specialised treatments is lymphatic drainage with a state-of-the-art machine to deliver fast, impressive results. What is lymphatic drainage? Let’s find out!

Lymphatic Drainage:

Lymphatic drainage is a specific method of boosting the circulation, so that waste products can be eliminated from the body. Jessica is an experienced masseuse, and also offers pressotherapy, which is lymphatic drainage by machine. The system is painless, non- invasive and relaxing for the patient. Visible results are quick, and physical improvements are usually apparent within 24 – 48 hours.

Lymphatic drainage therapy can help with reducing bloating and inflammation, and boost the immune system. It can also help with weight loss, reduce chronic joint and muscle pain, improve skin regeneration and reduce scar tissue. It can be carried out through manual massage therapy, but machine therapy is widely believed to be more beneficial, with faster results.

Physioplus Albir One Stop Wellness Shop

Pressotherapy is an effective stand-alone therapy, which can get the body’s waste systems working better, so any potentially harmful substances can be eliminated more quickly. This leaves the skin looking glowing, healthy and younger looking, and most people find they have more energy and sleep better as a result of the treatment. Jessica has a special, state of the art machine for this purpose.

However, at Physioplus, the emphasis is on partnership, so it’s possible you’ll meet Jessica as part of your treatment plan, for massage, lymphatic drainage, or maybe a combination of both. Our goal is to ensure you leave Physioplus feeling better than when you came in, so we will recommend what you need, not what we want to sell to you.

Now you’ve met the core members of our team, we will be discussing all the ways we can help you to Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better by explaining how our different treatments work, and why Physioplus Albir is your One Stop Wellness Shop. Look out for our next post, when we will talk about functional training, and how our team of expert therapists can improve your daily life and increase your fitness levels, even if you feel perfectly happy with your body. There is always, always room for improvement!