Our Team

Paul Espe

Chartered Physiotherapist, Active Release Techniques Provider & Instructor, Managing Director

Paul studied physiotherapy at renowned King’s College London and completed with a Bachelor Degree (with Honours) in 1997. He has since then taken multiple courses every single year to improve his knowledge and skills.

He has worked in hospitals, private clinics, professional sport (football, golf, the Windsurfing World Cup, powerlifters, track & field and more) and corporate companies. He gained a lot of experience working in England for nearly 10 years. He started and ran his own very successful clinic in Norway for 9 years).

When treating he often uses a combination of techniques that he feel will give the best results (see list). However, Active Release Techniques (ART®) is the foundation of everything he does. He has spent many years learning and perfecting this very popular technique, something which has earned him the level of international instructor. He travels abroad several times every year to teach other physiotherapist, chiropractors, osteopaths and other skilled therapists.

This treatment technique has made him understand the function of the body at a completely different level, and it has enabled him to locate and treat problems much more quickly and efficiently. Using ART in combination with other very good assessment and treatment techniques, he can

-treat current pains and problems (stiffens, tightness, weakness)
-prevent problems in the future
-improve function for better performance

Emma Segovia Leza-Physioplus sports physical therapy

Many years working on training and health assessment, in colaboration with several Fitness & Wellness Centers and specialist clinics.

Physical Trainer from the Golf Valencia´s Federation and Member of Spanish Water Ski Federation.

Professor of Physical Education and Sport Graduation.

Golf player´s research in Cheste ( Valencia)  in colaboration with the High Performance Sports and medical Centre

Woman with a passion for Body&Mind health.

I.N.E.F ( Vitoria, Spain)
FITNESS  Master (Lérida)

Sacro-Craneal & Manual Therapeutist (ARUM Conscient Tact)

Podal Reflexology

GOLF Specialist Trainer.

Maria Curiel

Maria graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Granada. She has worked for three years as a Physiotherapist in the prestigious Medical Park rehabilitation clinic in Bavaria, Germany.

In Spain, she has worked in a private International Hospital.

 Since completing her studies she has continued to train in various therapies such as Dry Needling, Pilates, Hypopressives... Although, her great specialty and interest is gynecological and obstetric physiotherapy, a field in which she has carried out various training courses, being an expert in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy from the CEU University of Elche, Alicante.

Despite her youth, her international experience makes her comfortable seeing patients and developing her profession in different languages. ​​In addition to Spanish, she also speaks German and English.

Jessica Girón (BeautyMax)

Certified in Decorative Personal aesthetics and Advanced Appliances. The last 12 years she has been working and specializing in biological cosmetics and slimming appliances in the city of Valencia.

She has taken countless courses to be able to give the most professional and personalized service. She has worked at Nat Cosmetic Natural, Novaestetic and Luxor Spa.

Tailored and personalized recommendation for each patient.

Francisco Pintor Smith

Francisco Pintor Smith

Francisco Pintor Smith es nuestro PGA professional de Golf en Physioplus. También es el Head Profesional en el campo de Golf Melia Villaitana.  

Estudió en St Andrews durante 5 años después de su exitosa carrera como jugador amateur. Se volvió profesional y aún compite a un alto nivel. 

Es un entrenador muy experimentado que utiliza el simulador para analizar las partes fundamentales del swing del golf.  

Para Francisco, el simulador es una gran ayuda para el entrenamiento, ya que proporciona un informe inmediato sobre el movimiento del paciente, ayudándole a identificar los movimientos que pueden estar causando lesiones. Por lo general, los golfistas tienden a sufrir problemas de espalda y muñeca, debido a movimientos incorrectos en la postura, el swing o el seguimiento. Estos movimientos pueden ser difíciles de captar en el campo de prácticas, por lo que el simulador tiene el beneficio de mejorar el juego, prevenir nuevas lesiones y eso mientras se trata el problema existente.




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