Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage

The lymphatic system has nodules that are spread throughout the whole body that collect and clean the lymphatic fluid. Lymph drainage is needed when these nodules get blocked.

This system has an important role in fighting infections and therefore an important part of the immune system. If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly it will cause swelling and affect the body’s functions.

A few facts:

  • If you line up the whole lymphatic system it will reach around the earth…4 times!
  • There is about 10 liters of lymph fluid in the body
  • There are about 700 lymph nodes in the body, and about 1/3 of them are located in the neck/throat
  • The lymphatic fluid has no colour
  • The lymphatic fluid consist of about 90% water, 10% proteins, hormones and waste products from the cells

*There are only two things that aid the flow of lymphatic fluid, Diaphragmatic breathing and movement of the body

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