Golf simulator

Realistic ball flight trajectory, bounce and roll.


 We have an indoor Golf Simulator that features high performance graphics (a 4.30 m wide screen, 4k HD projector), cameras and sensor mats.

You rent the golf simulator impact screen to practice your swing and get immediate data on your golf club speed, ball speed and direction, where on the club head the ball impacts and the spin on the ball. Of course, you will also get the distance!

You get realistic ball flight trajectory, bounce and roll.

The floor sensors will also allow you to practice your putting.

You can choose from over 100 well known golf courses from around the world. Play on your own or together with a few friends to play a 9 hole tournament. We have comfy chairs where you can sit down and relax in-between your shots. If there is a live tournament on tv, chose that particular course on the simulator and play with the pros showing on our big screen tv.

If you are really keen on improving your game, you can book an appointment in our simulator with our golf pro/instructor.

If you have any physical restrictions, pain or weaknesses, you can get analysed and treated by Paul who has extensive experience in treating golf injuries and problems. Many of the best golfers in the world use Active Release Techniques therapists. This treatment along with functional training in our gym could really make a difference to your golf swing.

Book your session on our simulator impact screen by clicking our Contact Us Page.


Opening Hours

MON – FRI 09:00 – 17:00

SAT and Sun We are closed

We are also available outside of the office (from 5pm to 21pm) if required but please call us in advance to arrange.

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