Here at Physioplus Albir, all our partner therapists place great emphasis on making the most of our natural bodily functions, as well as treating sports injuries, bodily trauma, soft tissue injuries and joint pain. Injury prevention is always preferable to injury treatment, and this is where functional training comes in. All our therapists can provide you with aspects of functional training, but what is it, exactly?

What is functional training?

Put simply, functional training is a system of exercises designed to help the body perform daily life activities to a higher level of competence. The exercises are based on the rehabilitation moves prescribed by physical therapists to mimic the natural movements and functions of various parts of the body.

The type of exercises you will do are targeted at improving whole body movement, rather than targeting muscles in isolation. That’s why functional training is not likely to involve machines. These exercises will also increase your strength and stamina, so you will be able to do more, and do it better in the future.

Good functional training will also strengthen the body’s core. We tend to forget that the core is supposed to resist motion, and keep the body stable, rather bending and twisting into positions the body was never intended to assume. The body is a beautifully constructed machine, and as Your Body Mechanic, myself and the other Physioplus Partners want to help you keep it that way. These are just some of the specialised therapies that can assist with functional training, whatever your age or fitness level, helping you to Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better.

Active Release Technique: (ART)

ART focuses on identifying and treating soft-tissue injury and trauma. However, sometimes, there may be no real symptoms, other than a decreased ability to perform normal tasks, and perhaps a reduction in flexibility. The specific, localised assessment protocols of ART can  pinpoint any problem areas, and an experienced ART Provider will know how to restore some degree of normal functionality. You may well be surprised by the results!

Dpostural Training:

Physioplus Albir

Emma Segoviais experienced and highly qualified in Sports and Physical Education Science, although she does not describe herself as a physical therapist. Her speciality is in the Dpostural system of training, which is an exercise system designed for injury prevention, improved flexibility and better general functionality. As the name suggests, there is an emphasis on achieving and maintaining ideal posture, but the system also focuses on correct breathing to ensure enough oxygen reaches the muscles, preventing hypoxia. This is all too common, and can cause adhesions in the soft-tissue and fascia, which can lead to injury or trauma requiring physical therapy. Exercises are individually tailored to each client, in order to restore them to optimal functionality.

Sports therapy:

Maria Curiel graduated in physiotherapy at the University of Granada, and has specialised in sports rehabilitation at the prestigious Medical Park St Hubertus in Bavaria, Germany. The focus of the clinic is rehabilitation after sports injury for elite athletes, but Maria is just as passionate about injury prevention. She loves to help clients and patients to achieve enhanced performance and fitness levels with her individually tailored exercise programmes. Maria can treat you at home as well, if you can’t make it to the clinic.

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Weight loss and body image:

Here at Physioplus, our mantra is ‘Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better,’ and Jessica Giron, our Aesthetics Manager,is our partner to provide you with specialised help with feeling and living better. She’s worked in the fields of weight loss and beauty therapy for more than 15 years now, and is experienced in technological solutions such as pressotherapy to help with weight loss, and other firming  and toning treatments. And of course, losing excess weight and feeling better about how you look is sure to motivate you to exercise more and lighten the burden on your circulatory system and your joints.

Remember, you don’t need to be in pain or recovering from injury to visit a physiotherapy clinic. Here at Physioplus Albir, we place equal – if not extra – emphasis on injury prevention and achieve optimal normal physical functionality. Why not contact us so we can help you to Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better?

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