Francisco Pintor Smith teaches golf at the at the Melia Vilaitana Golf Course in Benidorm, as well as being a proficient player with many years of experience, on the course and on the driving range. He’s also a regular user of the Indoor Golf Simulator here at Physioplus Albir, so we’ve asked him to explain to our readers how using the simulator can be a big help in improving your game, and also in identifying playing techniques which may cause injury  or aggravate existing conditions.

Your stance, grip on the club and the angle of swing can all contribute to physical problems, most commonly with the wrists and back. Even the most eagle-eyed trainer may not be able to spot the issue causing the problem, and of course, weather conditions might come into it too. Francisco says:

A state-of-the-art simulator like the one at Physioplus Albir is as helpful to the coach as it is to the student for a number of reasons. You get immediate feedback on every aspect of the shot, which you could never hope to spot out on the range. In case of injuries, once Paul has located the source of the injury, I can then take the patient on the simulator and check various aspects of the game, such as movement during the swing, to shed more light on how the injury was caused in the first place.

Physioplus indoor golf simulator

This powerful combination of Paul’s anatomy and physiotherapy knowledge, Francisco’s technical sporting skills and the detailed, virtually instantaneous feedback from the simulator makes for some very happy golfers in Albir and the surrounding areas. And it’s not just for golfers with performance or physical problems either. Francisco explained:

It can be great fun using an indoor golf simulator. You can choose to play your game on one of over 100 golf courses around the world. And when the weather is really hot, it’s more comfortable to play in the controlled, air conditioned atmosphere of the simulator.

Why not get together a group of friends and play a 9 hole tournament at the simulator?  Or you can book an individual or group training session with Francisco, to identify where you can improve your game. Then you can impress all your friends next time you are out on the fairway. Call him on 674 17 53 82 if you could use some golfing guidance, indoors or outdoors.

Physioplus indoor golf simulator

If you feel it’s your body, rather than your game, that’s the problem, try some functional training in our gym or see Paul for an Active Release Techniques (ART) assessment. Our specialist golf trainer Emma Segovia Leza may be able to help too.

By the way, did you know some of the world’s elite players use ART to improve their game and keep them in peak physical condition? Closer to home, Francisco has ART treatments at least once a month. He says:

I came to Paul with a lower back problem, and it improved considerably with ART treatment. Now, I still have regular treatments, because they help to loosen up my body, and give me a better range of movement. That makes a big difference to your game, whatever level you play at.

It’s like we always say here at Physioplus Albir – ART helps you Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better.